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Who is HYX mold- A Mold Manufacturer China Company

HYX mold is a mold manufacturer china company, today many companies nowadays consider doing business in China. The country has gone through a stormy development the past decade. The economic growth rates prove this year after year. The question is however: where do I start when I want to do business in this huge, unknown country? And how do I find a partner I can trust? How to deal with laws and regulations in China?

We would like to introduce ourselves to you. HYX MOLD is a producer of customer specific plastic mold components with production facilities in China. HYX MOLD has a network of mould makers and injection moulding companies in Jiangsu and Zhejiang province, the two most developed provinces of the country. In these factories high quality products are produced for very competitive prices. HYX Plastics has experience in doing business in China. We know the rules and we know the right people and therefore we can deliver your products at the right quality, in time and for the very best price.

HYX Plastics is The Molding company in China and therefore offers you the advantages of doing business in China, without having to worry about Chinese contracts. We will take care of a correct delivery of your products.

HYX MOLD supplies high quality products in small to large size series to customers in the Benelux and United Kingdom. As manufacturing takes place in China we can keep the costs low en we can offer the best quality for the lowest price. That is profitable for us, but especially profitable for you as a customer.

Have you ever lost an order due to the price? With our low prices we can help you not losing these orders in the future.

Do your suppliers let you wait for quotations too long? hyx plastic mold company will send you a quotation based on your product drawings within 7 working days.  We will be happy to visit you to discuss your drawings. 

HYX plastic mold company has a long experience in plastic industry. We know the market en we have the technical know-how. With our network in China we can transform this knowledge into cheap but high quality products. 

plastic mold company
plastic mold company

Products and Services

HY Plastics is a producer of plastic components which are made in steel moulds. The components can be made of all possible grades like PE, PP, HDPE, POM, ABS, Nylon et cetera.

Plastic Mold making

In our mold making facilities in China we have the knowledge, the tools and techniques to build, repair and maintain high quality moulds.

With the latest software like Cimatron and Pro-Engineer detailed drawings of the mold and the mold construction are drawn. The plastic molds are made with state of the art CNC controlled machines and assembled by highly skilled professionals.


Our plastic molding factories have a series of machines of which we can be proud. Machines with a closing power between 25 and 1,500 tons produce high quality plastic products with a weight between 1 gram and 6 kilograms.

Product design consultancy

The right solution is a matter of the right tuning. For example the tuning of materials, special molds and a sophisticated production process. That is why Orange Plastics offers its customers to assist in product engineering and optimization.

We like to offer you our service during product development, whether you already have a drawing of your desired product or you come to us with a sample product.

PVC injection molding

PVC injection molding

CPVC – (Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) is an injection moldable resin used in pipe, pipe fittings, and other injection molded plastic products, we called PVC injectioin molding parts

CPVC is extremely durable typically used in long service-life applications such as plumbing and fire sprinkler pipe, residential window trim and industrial process equipment.

Resistance to corrosion and chemical attack is one of the important properities of CPVC, often replacing metals to provide longer service-life in handling corrosive materials such as aggressive water, mineral acids, caustics and other aqueous solutions.

Because of its low petroleum content, CPVC is self-extinguishing and has a relatively low smoke generation. Smoke generated from CPVC is no more toxic than Douglas Fir.

Compared with many thermoplastics, CPVC has excellent mechanical strength over a broad temperature range.

Typical applications include:

  • potable water system components
  • automotive and mass transit parts
  • process systems for corrosive industrial environments
  • food and beverage process food equipment

    plastic molds

    plastic molds

INCERE TECH is fully equipped and experienced when it comes to both plastic injection molding CPVC and building molds for CPVC.

If you have a need any PVC injection molding  or tooling to produce injection molded CPVC partsST can solve your needs.

Plastic injection molders are numerous. So to stand out above the crow, we at ST are dedicated to excellence in all aspects of our business.

We will supply our customers with only the highest quality parts, delivered on time, while providing them with service second to none in the plastic injection molding industry.

We will provide our valued employees a safe, reliable and professional work atmosphere which fosters a sense of pride in the quality of work they do, as well as a
path to prosperity as our teamwork makes our company grow.

This sense of pride we get from giving our best to our customers, our employees, our country and the plastic injection molding industry will provide the motivation to take us to the top.