Plastic Injection Moulding Advantages

Plastic Injection Moulding Advantages

We, Parkes Plastic are leading plastic mold company and offer the best equipments with which you can produce parts from thermosetting and thermoplastic materials. You can use our plastic injection moulders to create a wide variety of materials such as bottle caps, parts of musical instruments, wire spools, pocket combs, storage containers, one piece chairs and tables, mechanical parts and whole lot of plastic products. Our plastic injection molding equipments are designed to produce high volumes and increase your productivity and profits. We have all the facilities to deliver your orders in and around Australia and other countries.

Advantages of Plastics Injection Moulding Machines:

  • Capable of producing high volumes of the same category of objects
  • High production rates
  • Has the ability to use wider range of materials
  • Minimal scrap losses
  • Low labour cost
  • Repeatable high tolerances

At Parkes Plastic, we only offer the best plastic injection moulding equipments. We also offer wide variety of solutions to help you create moulds for different purposes. Our Sydney representatives will take you through our products giving you all the information about the equipment, its installation, services and maintenance.

Why Parkes Plastic?

At Parkes Plastic, we have a highly qualified team who is capable of providing full service, right from design to manufacture. We use only highly trained designers to work alongside your employees to translate your concepts into reality. The technology and modelling software that we use in Brisbane is highly sophisticated to ensure that the outcome is of high quality finish. We are capable of providing quick turnaround and easy scaling for producing the best moulded parts and custom designed moulds from our state-of-the-art facility in Melbourne and other places. If you are interested in using our services, you can get in touch with our representatives in Perth or email us and we will be glad to help you with all your requirements

Plastic molding

You have probably seen those big planters and troughs in pictures of old English gardens. They are most likely made of Tufa rock.

You can learn all you need to know about this and get an interesting geology lesson at the same time. A source I always recommend for instructions and outstanding ideas is plastic mold and molding parts. Hyprtufa is fake Tufa stone. You can read the article about mixes to find out how to make molds

It is fun to play with. You can shape it, file it, form it, add to it the next day as long as you do not let it dry out. (just cover with a piece of plastic molding) It can withstand the coldest winters and loves the rain. The longer you have it the more character it gains.

If you want to make something big, this is the stuff to use. Take a look at this site Hypertufa Projects for some great ideas.

It is not waterproof so no ponds. You can try to seal it but would be better off to use concrete. It would be cheaper and far less aggravation.

You can use it for fountains that do not have to hold water. What I mean is that the water will not be sitting in, just passing through.

It is relatively light compared to concrete so makes great trough style planters. If you have ever wanted to make a “Giant Head” statue it is great for this because you can take your time molding and add to it as you see your statue taking shape. If you do not like what you see, it is easy to knock off a bit and change it. When you are done it will, unless it is 3 or 4 feet high, be possible to move it without a forklift or crane.

Like the natural Tufa, it supports the growth of Moss and Lichen. This gives it an aged look in one growing season.

Once you get started with this you will be hooked. It is great for use in plastic molds, you mix as usual and press it into the mold. In a couple of days, when it is cured, you can take it out and you will have a light, textured looking casting. These are nice when lightly stained, or given the moss growth formula.

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Mold Manufacturer China

Who is HYX mold- A Mold Manufacturer China Company

HYX mold is a mold manufacturer china company, today many companies nowadays consider doing business in China. The country has gone through a stormy development the past decade. The economic growth rates prove this year after year. The question is however: where do I start when I want to do business in this huge, unknown country? And how do I find a partner I can trust? How to deal with laws and regulations in China?

We would like to introduce ourselves to you. HYX MOLD is a producer of customer specific plastic mold components with production facilities in China. HYX MOLD has a network of mould makers and injection moulding companies in Jiangsu and Zhejiang province, the two most developed provinces of the country. In these factories high quality products are produced for very competitive prices. HYX Plastics has experience in doing business in China. We know the rules and we know the right people and therefore we can deliver your products at the right quality, in time and for the very best price.

HYX Plastics is The Molding company in China and therefore offers you the advantages of doing business in China, without having to worry about Chinese contracts. We will take care of a correct delivery of your products.

HYX MOLD supplies high quality products in small to large size series to customers in the Benelux and United Kingdom. As manufacturing takes place in China we can keep the costs low en we can offer the best quality for the lowest price. That is profitable for us, but especially profitable for you as a customer.

Have you ever lost an order due to the price? With our low prices we can help you not losing these orders in the future.

Do your suppliers let you wait for quotations too long? hyx plastic mold company will send you a quotation based on your product drawings within 7 working days.  We will be happy to visit you to discuss your drawings. 

HYX plastic mold company has a long experience in plastic industry. We know the market en we have the technical know-how. With our network in China we can transform this knowledge into cheap but high quality products. 

plastic mold company
plastic mold company

Products and Services

HY Plastics is a producer of plastic components which are made in steel moulds. The components can be made of all possible grades like PE, PP, HDPE, POM, ABS, Nylon et cetera.

Plastic Mold making

In our mold making facilities in China we have the knowledge, the tools and techniques to build, repair and maintain high quality moulds.

With the latest software like Cimatron and Pro-Engineer detailed drawings of the mold and the mold construction are drawn. The plastic molds are made with state of the art CNC controlled machines and assembled by highly skilled professionals.


Our plastic molding factories have a series of machines of which we can be proud. Machines with a closing power between 25 and 1,500 tons produce high quality plastic products with a weight between 1 gram and 6 kilograms.

Product design consultancy

The right solution is a matter of the right tuning. For example the tuning of materials, special molds and a sophisticated production process. That is why Orange Plastics offers its customers to assist in product engineering and optimization.

We like to offer you our service during product development, whether you already have a drawing of your desired product or you come to us with a sample product.

Plastic Injection Molding Process

Plastic Injection Molding Process

Plastic Injection Molding Process normally including injectioin filling, Injection pressue and injection packing pressure.

Injection Pressure will affect the products quality. So a suitable injection pressure does a big favor to high-quality products.

Injection pressure involves two stages. The first stage is, inject the melt plastic material into mold by a high speed, this pressure called first injection pressure. We always called it injection pressure too. Second stage is, the pressure we put after plastic material filled mold, called second injection pressure or packing pressure. Melt plastic material’s resistance related to the characteristic of melt, the shape of product and the mold structure, therefore, first injection pressure should be set according to the specific requirement. Generally, the first injection pressure is about 80~120 Mpa (800~1200kgf/cm2).

For the material with high viscosity, or for the product which need high size precision, we can use 150~200 Mpa or higher injection pressure. Once, some injection molding machine manufacturer said he had used 400Mpa injection pressure, but under normal condition, the plastic injection machine which on the market cannot reach this injection pressure.

Too low first injection pressure will lead to short filling. Too high first injection pressure can increase the product density, decrease the shrinkage. But if the injection pressure is too high, flash will happen, sometimes, the product cannot drop down easily.

Therefore, when we testing mold, at the beginning, injection pressure should be low, then improved gradually, finally confirm a suitable injection pressure.

In addition, injection pressure adjustable rang is related to the kinds of injection molding machine. For exempla, for small home appliance, in order to increase the injection pressure, we should choose injection molding machine with big screw diameter. Fig 2-3:plastic molds

Fig 2-3: Screw diameter and injection unit performance

                                       Screw typeproject           A             B             C
Screw diameter/mmInjection pressure/ Mpa

Theoretical injection pressure/ Mpa

Injection weigh/g


Injection rate/ (cm3/s)

Plasticizing capability/ (kg/h)



















Even the same injection molding machine manufacture by the same manufacturer, different screw diameter will has different max injection pressure. We should confirm the max injection pressure whether meet our requirement.

Second injection pressure (packing pressure) is the pressure which acts on material. The role second injection pressure played is, on the basic of avoiding burr and excessive filling, using melt material supplemented unceasingly, to avoid shrinkage of product.

From the effect of second injection pressure we known, the pressure of second injection pressure should be lower than first injection pressure. But second injection pressure must guarantee the material in cavity fully cures, that is, material in every runner fully cures too.

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Injection Molding Machine

Injection Molding Machine

Do you have any idea about the auto loader manufacturer? Basically it is used in the injection mould machine. To know more you have to search on the topic over the internet. Moulding machines spare energy and produces less sound as well as giving high execution. Auto Loader makers are utilized for stacking of crude materials or plastic sap into the machines. Auto loaders make the work more straightforward via immediately stacking the segments into the mould machine.

How the auto loader fits into the moulding machine

Auto Loader is the most fundamental thing that is used in plastic shaping machine. There are numerous Auto Loader producers for this supporting part of the injection mould machine. It has an enormous market demand because of the differing purposes. It might be utilized for stacking of crude materials or plastic gum into the machines. So it can work resourcefully on Read more

Plastic Injection Mold China

Plastic Injection Molding China

Presently we are more adjusted to the use of the plastic products, plastic molds, plastic molding parts, These plastics are accessible at diverse sizes and shapes and distinctive thickness dependent upon the requisitions utilized. These requisitions incorporate transportation, space, home needs, developments, hardware parts, bundling, composition materials and electrical parts and so forth. These plastic materials are made by injection mold process and blow embellishment process. There are numerous organizations as an infusion trim machine supplier to give machines and extras for the plastic material assembling. How is the auto loader manufacturer characterizing his machines? The infusion machines in today’s business sector are propelled forms which incorporates auto loader machines. Read more