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DEMAT GmbH and Wohlers Associates Inc. will be joining forces to offer a one-day conference entitled “Worldwide Advances in Rapid and High-Performance Tooling” at the upcoming EuroMold 2002 trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany. The conference will focus on some of the most important methods, applications, and technologies for rapid tooling, and on tooling systems that offer superior performance.

“This year, 1,600 exhibitors from 45 countries are expected to participate in EuroMold,” says Diana Schnabel, an executive at DEMAT, organizer of the trade fair. “In years past, rapid tooling has ranked as one of the top topics of interest among those who attended.” The show is expected to draw over 50,000 engineers, toolmakers, managers, and executives from around the world.

The tooling conference will feature updates on advanced methods of tooling presented by companies that offer them, such as direct metal deposition from The POM Group, direct metal laser sintering from EOS, electron beam melting from Arcam, laser-engineered net shaping from Optomec, M3 linear from Concept Laser GmbH, ProMetal from Extrude Hone, RSP tooling from RSP Tooling LLC, Sprayform from Ford, SLS tooling from 3D Systems, and ultrasonic consolidation from Solidica.

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“In recent years, some methods of rapid and high-performance tooling have improved to the point where they now provide vital strategic benefits to organizations,” explains Dr. Eberhard Döring of DEMAT. “Some of these methods enable users to embed cooling channels that conform to the shape of mould or die cavities. Other methods reduce or eliminate a need for EDM. The conference will discuss software and hardware for high-speed cutting using CNC machining centres, and how this class of technology compares to the growing range of alternative solutions.”

Ten speakers from around the world will participate in the conference, which will be held on Friday, December 6. The Global Alliance of Rapid Prototyping Associations (GARPA), a non-profit organization, has endorsed the event and will be participating in it. In 1998, GARPA was co-founded by industry consultant Terry Wohlers, president of Wohlers Associates Inc., who will be chairing the conference.