PVC injection molding

CPVC – (Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) is an injection moldable resin used in pipe, pipe fittings, and other injection molded plastic products, we called PVC injectioin molding parts

CPVC is extremely durable typically used in long service-life applications such as plumbing and fire sprinkler pipe, residential window trim and industrial process equipment.

Resistance to corrosion and chemical attack is one of the important properities of CPVC, often replacing metals to provide longer service-life in handling corrosive materials such as aggressive water, mineral acids, caustics and other aqueous solutions.

Because of its low petroleum content, CPVC is self-extinguishing and has a relatively low smoke generation. Smoke generated from CPVC is no more toxic than Douglas Fir.

Compared with many thermoplastics, CPVC has excellent mechanical strength over a broad temperature range.

Typical applications include:

  • potable water system components
  • automotive and mass transit parts
  • process systems for corrosive industrial environments
  • food and beverage process food equipment

    plastic molds
    plastic molds

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