Cincinnati Lamb Wows Visitors at Product and Technology Preview Event

Manufacturers attending the recent Product and Technology Dayhosted by the machine tool producer Cincinnati Lamb in Hebron, Kentucky, USA, received a sneak preview of the technologies that will be on display at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in September. As an added bonus, visitors witnessed the new HyperMach™—a 21-meter (69-foot)-long ultrahigh-speed 5-axis linear motor profiler running at over 100 m/min. As part of the demonstration, aluminum parts were shown being milled from solid billet stock with spindle speeds reaching 18,000 rpm while exceeding 97 kW and metal removal rate of 7,374 cm³/min.

Attending the event were more than 75 representatives from some of the world’s biggest aerospace companies, including Boeing, Airbus, and many of their key suppliers. Representatives from other industries, such as automotive and heavy equipment, were also present.

After seeing the HyperMach in action, Gene Price, president and CEO of Brek Manufacturing Co., commented, “I’ve been in this business since I was 18, and I’ve never seen anything move that fast.” Brek, a Boeing contractor located in Gardena, California, is taking delivery of the first HyperMach this summer. Brek plans to use the machine to produce large structural sections of the Boeing C-17 Globemaster transport.

Price said that it currently takes about 30 hours to produce three of the 6.6-meter-long bulkhead sections for the C-17, but that the HyperMach should cut that to time down to just six or seven hours.

“We were pleased we could show our customers such a great product mix reflecting the industry’s latest technology,” said Jeff Price, general manager of Cincinnati Operations in the USA for Cincinnati Lamb. “In a single day, they were able to learn about the advantages of multitasking, smart machines, processing new materials, and ultrahigh-speed machining utilizing several new models of machine tools that we’re introducing.”

The Cincinnati Operations, recently located to Hebron, Kentucky USA, is home to the Cincinnati Lamb business unit dedicated to building automated composites systems, high-speed 5-axis machining centres, and other special machines tailored for large part processing.