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Pathtrace Engineering Systems

Thanks to recent improvements in EdgeCAMoff-line CNC machine tool programming software that allow users to realize higher production efficiencies, EdgeCam is experiencing soaring international sales. Brian Steatham, managing director of Pathtrace Engineering Systems of Reading, UK, which produces the software, reports that overall sales in Europe are up by 20%, in North America by 13%, and in Scandinavia by a whopping 40%.

“The production engineering, mould and die markets have recognized the advantages of working with an independent CAM supplier who is able to address the flexibility and functionality needed in a single CAM product that seamlessly integrates with all the major solids-based CAD systems,” says Steatham. “This is confirmed by the fact that 80% of our sales now involve EdgeCAM Solid Machinist.”

Pathtrace has found that even though investment in capital equipment is tight, users are looking for greater return on investment based on higher efficiencies. To keep ahead of its growing market penetration, Pathtrace is once again stepping up its R&D; program, recruiting three engineers to increase its resources in software development.