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Plastic Molding Manufacturing

Plastic molding manufacturing is a kind of exacter processing for the mold proformation,This is the most important step during mold processing, There are many kinds of plastic items in our daily life, all those plastic items are made from plastic mold, so the mold processing is very important. This decided product quality, too.

Production processing are : Choose material , choose mold base , and any other detailed processing, all those processing are steps for making mold , then to finish the mold much better . To make the injection mold with good quality, this also make great help for product production, so people should know this will be very important. In order to guarantee mold quality, we also need do improvement on the mold , the mold after improvement will be more efficient than the mold without improvement , so it’s good to choose the mold improvement. Nowadays, mold manufacturer China is becoming more and more, this means it’s necessary to manufacture the mold,During injection molding processing, should pay attention to other related remarks, then can finish the job better.

Describes the technical innovation in plastic molding manufacturing

1, the mold processing technology recently have great innovation, using many new technologies. Injection molding processing using new alloy called cobalt chromium MP1, designed for the rapid prototyping (RP) device with metal direct laser sintering (DMLS) technology and development. The cobalt chromium alloy is shown to have high strength, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance properties of advantage. To improve the mold use time and durability, and improve the quality of.

EDM equipment typically use the 2, mold manufacture (EDM) for welding is relatively common, and wire cutting for use in the manufacture of mould in rapid prototyping are on the rise. Cutting to cut out the cavity, like fine parts insert that is used to process DMLS process. This method for mold manufacturing greatly reduced the amount of time, can be in equal time increased production. Reduce manual pay.

Die processing considerations:Plastic Mould

1, process planning, with concise expression, processing the content as far as possible numerical expression;

2, the key and difficult point of machining process should be emphasized;

3, need to combine processing, process clearly;

4, insert the need for separate processing, pay attention to process the machining accuracy requirements specify;

A combination of 5, after processing, insert part to be processed separately, the combination of processing when the installation process separate processing benchmark requirements;

Spring 6, plastic mold processing is the most easily damaged, so to choose die spring long fatigue life.